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No doubt you are aware of all the things on your plate that need arranging and scheduling. Life insists on many of them!

In fact, if you’re like most, there’s a pile of “important and urgent” tasks waiting for your next spare moment. Perhaps you have lingering impulses stemming from your new years’ resolutions – intentions waiting to jump into your consciousness as soon as you sit down!

However, it’s impossible to be always on, always accomplishing. There’s a need in our hearts for spare time and empty places in our schedules. It’s a need that we all find a way to satisfy one way or another, consciously or subconsciously. It comes as the last-minute date, the beer with the guys or the walk around the block alone. Perhaps for you, on the intentional side, it’s the work outs or the late nights in blissful silence. Maybe it happens on a day when you can’t get moving and so you relax the pace and take your time. Aaahhhh, Starbucks. On the unintentional side, the body will eventually respond to an over-full schedule with fatigue or even sickness to allow for the mandatory rest.

These inevitable gaps in productivity, the spaces in between plans and around the edges of our agendas, are called margin, and it’s here where life really happens. It’s in the margins of life that you have most of your spontaneity and fun. It’s where you notice the richness of people and the life happening around you. It’s where you enjoy what you’ve completed so far and the adventure you’re living.

For couples it’s in the margins of life where you really enjoy each other. Remember that?! It’s easy to spend so much time working together or arranging together, we can forget what it’s like to look into each other’s eyes and remember why we do what we do, and who we’re privileged to do it with. No matter how full our lives are, no matter how much we enjoy our “work”, we have to remember the whole point of what we do is waiting for us after all that “doing” is done. It’s here that we get to “be,” not just “do.” In the margin is where life’s deeper meaning, and the cherishing of each other, is found.

So, the key here is to arrange and schedule more margin deliberately! Arranging for it means, quoting from Scripture here, take one day off out of every seven. Completely off. It can also mean to plan nothing for an evening (gasp!) and see what happens. It means that when you plan your next getaway, a holiday, next week, or your next evening together, to plan for significant spaces in between activities and events.

Look for moments when you don’t “have” to do something in the twists and turns of your week. Look for opportunities to go off the beaten path of your routines together. Often, the best things that happen were never planned at all. Ironically, those are the times you’ll enjoy and cherish the most.

No doubt you are aware of all the things on your plate that need arranging and scheduling. Insist margin be one of them.


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